Kathryn Howard - Accredited Professional, Advanced Coach

"Kathryn, your ability to explain the intricacies of this art form and make it accessible to all is truly outstanding, thank you"

Kathryn Howard

Kathryn is a Mindset, Equestrian Performance, and Advanced Applied Psychology Coach. She is also a Youth Mentor, Para Equestrian Coach, UKCC L3 British Horse Society, and British Carriage Driving Accredited Professional Coach. She is a Para Equestrian Foundation Coach and 1st4Sport Assessor.

Kathryn has worked in senior leadership teams as a Director of Operations and Finance, as a Business Consultant, ILM Management Coach, and Assessor, and is an experienced Crisis and Change Manager.

Kathryn was named "Coach of the Year 2024" by the renowned Centre 10, which helps coaches and riders apply the concepts of performance psychology to daily training and competition.

Kathryn has spent the last 30 years living in the beautiful West Country. Her horses have been a constant in her life, even while she pursued a full professional career that allowed her to travel the world. They were always a source of harmony and inspiration throughout her professional activities.

Kathryn has had the good fortune to breed horses, contribute to the success of rehabilitation projects, and help animals who have been misunderstood. This has allowed her to gain experience in a variety of equestrian disciplines, train alongside champions and elite competitors, and be supported by talented veterinary professionals and physiotherapists.

Kathryn has developed her own competition horses and supported others in their development. Her assistance has been extended to a wide range of athletes, from those involved in regular competition to those who enjoy riding and driving for pleasure. As an accredited professional coach, Kathryn is committed to creating equestrian partnerships and providing tuition programmes for people of all ages and stages. She trains in group clinics and one-on-one sessions, both in and out of the saddle.

Kathryn, a qualified assessor and experienced mentor to junior and senior athletes, supports youth mental health, provides athlete profiling, coaches teams, and facilitates assessments. Kathryn is committed to her professional development, and is a member of a number of advanced coaching networks. She has used coaching approaches extensively throughout her professional career, whether with her management teams or the athletes she sponsors and supports. Coaching promotes the psychological well-being of both the horse and the rider, as well as meeting the unique veterinary or physiotherapeutic needs of each particular athlete and animal.

Kathryn loves riding and driving her own horses. She currently enjoys riding her striking Barock Pinto and driving her talented Dutch Warmblood and Welsh Ponies in tandem and pair. As an accomplished horse trainer, she is an advocate of the importance of time and patience when correctly developing the equine athlete, with a clear understanding of classical theory and technique. She is known for her knowledgeable and empathetic approach with horses in her care. Kathyn’s success spans the ride and drive divide, including; Private Driving, Concours d’Elegance, Horse Driving Trials, Dressage and Showing.

Kathryn is currently pursuing an MSc in Professional Coaching, with a focus on menopause research and women's wellbeing in sport. This is in addition to youth mental health services and adolescent mentoring. She works with educational institutions, specialising in these coaching areas, establishing communities of practice, and providing one-on-one coaching.

Kathryn was recently named 2024 Advanced Applied Performance Psychology Coach of the Year by Centre 10, out of hundreds of advanced professional coaches in the United Kingdom:

Charlie Unwin, of Centre 10 presented the award, remarking; “We can't help but be inspired by all Kathryn achieves, she is held in the highest regard by both her peers and clients. Beyond her position as a coach, Kathryn has started to consider how she can be a force for good for the industry as a whole, the scale and depth of her ambition are considerable and will undoubtedly have a significant impact. Without doubt much more will be said about her in the future, I'm so pleased to award her our top award, Coach of the Year”.

Kathryn, a seasoned para-equestrian coach, is honoured to advocate for and represent the Para Equestrian Foundation.  Di Green, the founder of the foundation, further stated, “Kathryn deserves, enormous congratulations, our athletes benefit tremendously from Kathryn’s participation in our coaching team, she adds so much value”.

Kathryn expressed her gratitude “Both humbled and grateful to be part of such a strong and wide-reaching network of advanced coaches, who all work very hard to reach and maintain these professional standards, the strength and breadth of the skills in this network is considerable.”

Testimonials ...

I met Kathryn today for the first time as I audited a clinic I had hoped to drive at. I was excited before going but afterwards am impatient for our next. Kathryn had my four favourite attributes of a coach . 1.She put the welfare of the horses high and made practical solutions to reduce their effort . 2. Her knowledge is vast yet extremely clearly communicated. 3. She has been enthusiastic in the run up, during the clinic and even at the end of a long day! She made everyone taking part feel enthused, engaged and enabled 4 She was kind. This is so under rated in equestrianism. Tense equestrians make tense horses and I am a pretty tense person but I felt able to ask her my ‘silly questions’ and not made to feel ‘silly’ about them . She has that rare attribute of imparting confidence. Thank you so much Kathryn ! I am so very excited for next time, and excited about how I’ll become better for my ponies thanks to you!
Lubin Lukes
Thank you for your expertise, patience, and enthusiasm throughout the entire session It is evident your deep knowledge and passion for carriage driving and riding is exceptional. Your ability to explain the intricacies of this art form and make it accessible to all is truly outstanding. Your guidance and instruction were clear, concise, and tailored to our specific needs, which helped us all grasp the fundamentals reallyquickly. You have infectious enthusiasm and a genuine love for what you do. Your passion was contagious, and it fueled our excitement and motivation to learn more. Your dedication to ensuring all our safety and comfort during the lesson was truly appreciated, and it made the entire experience even more enjoyable. Can’t wait for the next one!
Rachel Ball

Kathryn crosses the exciting ride and drive divide with some great experience in both the ridden and driven spheres.  Kathryn specialises in youth and para coaching, unlocking potential and giving a huge confidence boost to those she supports.

An experienced equine trainer herself, she has produced some stunning horses and ponies, from KWPN athletes to Welsh Section D pony superstars.  She is known for her patient, empathetic approach.

Kathryn is a BHS Accredited Professional Coach, British Carriage Driving Accredited Coach and APEC - Advanced Coach with the renowned Centre 10.  She also has a great deal of experience in performance coaching.  We are delighted to be working with her...

Para Equestrian Foundation - Di Green (Team GB, Para Dressage)

Had the most amazing day today with my driving pony, we learnt so much in our session today with Kathryn and can't wait until our next one. I can't recommend Kathryn enough, she is lovely and kind and made me feel very relaxed which is what I need.

Kristy Green

A real star. I observe the way Kathryn connects with horse and rider.  It is wonderful to see.

Kathryn has a natural empathy that enables her to coach a wide variety of people with ease. She gives her whole and undivided attention to the pupil in question with remarkable results.

Kathryn is especially good with teenagers and treats them as an equal whilst giving them the skills to improve their techniques to get better results from their horses.

Her coaching skills are second to none - highly recommended.

Lucy Heard

Kathryn Howard is an exceptional talent in the world of carriage driving. She has not only succeeded at a high level as a competitor in horse driving trials, she has excelled in the most prestigious Private Driving sector in the UK show rings.

Kathryn is a proven trainer of driving horses and is known for her patient, empathetic approach with the horses in her care. She has a carefully planned (flexible) training regimen that the horses seem to appreciate and she has proven her complete adaptability over the past years. Even highly strung, or previously misunderstood horses relax in her care.

She is meticulous in her animal husbandry and in her preparation of a future competition horse. We can highly recommend her coaching to anyone who aspires to driving carriage horses.

Paul & Frances Atkinson - International Equestrian Judges & Breeders

Over the years that I have known and been following the progress of Kathryn and her team, I have been continually and increasingly impressed by the sensitive, knowledgeable and calm education the horses in her care receive.

They are developed at their own pace and all without exception, become confident well balanced individuals that clearly enjoy their job.

The horses are loved for who they are and are always exceptionally well turned out and well presented.

I have known Kathryn for many years and have always admired and respected her values, empathy and knowledge.

Can’t recommend highly enough.

Anne Tinbergen, BHS I, Advanced Assessor

Kathryn is a formidable talent, who excels in everything she puts her mind to.

She has the skills and attributes to bring the best out of horses - regardless of their age or temperament. She also has the patience and determination to succeed, regardless of the challenge. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Alannah Hunt

I was at the point of giving up; my kind but excitable chestnut mare had un nerved me during the previous few years. Luckily I went to Kathryn for help.

Her her warmth and positive approach quickly put me at ease. Through her patience and deep understanding of horses Kathryn gave me the confidence to overcome my fears. During the coaching session I was given advice on my position which allowed me to immediately feel more stable in the saddle.

Kathryn’s style is very reassuring and confidence boosting. She has given me a greater understanding of what is going through my horse’s brain, encouraging a sense of teamwork and partnership between us.

A truly positive experience. 

Antonia Mortimer

Kathryn has been an enormous support to my horse Chilli and to me.

Her coaching style is relaxed and friendly and she is willing to work through individual issues at a pace which I can deal with and understand!

She gives excellent advice and is able to see where a small change can sometimes make a big difference.

Always positive and encouraging. Highly recommended.

Jacqui Cottenham

Kathryn has helped us with excellent, supportive and ongoing sessions with our horses.  She has enormous positivity and a “can do “ attitude, which builds your confidence.  I am so enjoying the development and growth.

Kathryn has helped me achieve things I never thought I could. 

I would recommend her as a coach to anyone!

Colette Fowler-Marson

I have known Kathryn for many years now, her approach to bringing on both horses and riders never fails to amaze me.

She brings out the best in the horses, allowing them to progress at their own rate, develop into their personalities and meet their potential. She has an eye for talent and coaxing the best from her pupils.

I have had the pleasure of riding with her and supporting with carriage driving. I greatly admire her tenacity and ability in both the ridden and driven spheres. Her horses are always well rounded, happy, healthy individuals; allowed to grow into their personalities, she nurtures and encourages their growth never asking too much of them and understanding their individual needs.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kathryn, she helped me to regain my confidence and have a fantastic time doing it.

Stephanie Dua

Kathryn has been a great help to me over the years. Her knowledge and empathy for both horse and rider/driver is second to none.

She has very good communication skills and is very courteous. When my horse was on box rest he stayed with her for a while, so he had the company of other horses and wouldn’t become stressed. I was given regular updates and photos to see how he was getting on and she even went the extra mile and allowed me to stay over at her yard for a few days.

I cannot rate her highly enough. Seeing how she has brought her horses on is amazing.

Sue Johnson